I am still learning.

I am still learning. Growing. Expanding. It’s a lifetime of work that we have in front of us. And what a beautiful opportunity to create our lives and find out new things about ourselves along the way.

My biggest challenge is trusting myself. Truly believing the feelings and sensations that arise in my body and recognizing when it’s real information or when it’s attached to a trigger from my past. It is so damn hard to tune out the noise of friends, family, partners, work, social media… and hear what’s in your own heart.

For me, meditation and yoga have become a near daily practice which I use to center myself. To reconnect.

It’s funny…I have been doing yoga for 12+ years. Yet, it wasn’t until this year that I actually started to practice it. I struggled with finding the time and money ($25/ class are you kidding me?!) so I would always find reasons not to go. My favorite has always always been outdoor yoga. Everywhere I have lived (Alaska, Seattle, NYC, LA, San Diego) I have found the outdoor yoga communities. And being in San Diego has been an outdoor yogi’s dream!! My favorite though is yoga in the park where my beautiful friend Nichole teaches every Sunday. It is the perfect space for me to work my body, calm my mind and reconnect to my soul. Since she doesn’t teach at the park every day (come on, Nichole, for me?) I have my at-home practice thanks to my gorgeous friend Emily, blogger and fitspo extraordinaire at Running in Pink Trainers, (ya’ll should check out her blog, she’s super rad.) Emily shared with me Yoga with Adriene, taught by yoga guru and all around silly gal Adriene Mishler (I.want.to.be.her.friend.). Since discovering her my entire yoga practice has come alive.

I actually find downward dog as a resting pose you guys… seriously!!!

What I am really trying to say here, is that my journey of learning starts with my inner self. My ability to connect and stay authentic to me. There will always be moments where we falter and go against ourselves, but the path is more gratifying for them. We see our progress, we know how to lift our head above the water and the moment where we actually feel the decision to follow our intuition rather than go with the crowd is a beautiful lesson, indeed.

Carry on my loves. You are doing great work out there. This is your journey, your life, #yourevolution.





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