Re-writing my story

Who am I?

I AM a snow storm brewing. 

A sunshine filled morning. 

I am a unicorn prancing. 

I am a warrior. 

A goddess. 

An amazing (is perhaps Wonder Woman in the making)

I am a woman on a mission. 

I am tired. 

I am weird.

I am alive.

I am a daughter and a sister, an auntie and a niece. 

I am a wanderluster, a stargazer. 

I am afraid. I am courageous. 

Here’s the thing though. 
Who I am right now, is only the version of myself in this moment. I am re-writing my story each day. I have freedom to tell myself the same story, to share that with you or to bring a new version of myself to the front. 

I am who ever I want to be right now. 

I am a deeply introspective person. 

I think about how to grow and improve and be the best version of myself. All while trying to have self compassion and gratitude for the person that I am. It can be a challenge, right? I know someone reading this is nodding their head with a spoonful of ice cream in their mouth spitting, “YES, exactly!” (and I love you for it.)
Well, lately as I have been revisiting my purpose here in the world, ya know, light thinking… I have been pondering the internal and external story that I have been telling myself for the past 30 years. Who am I? Who am I telling myself that I am? And who do I present to the outside world? Is that really me? Is that who I want to be?

And out of those questions I have realized that I want to re-write my story. I don’t want to change it you see, it is fact, but rather approach it from a new perspective. I want to discover a new story for my future. I want to set a new tone for who I have been and who I want to be. The one I am actively creating yet ignorant to the path. You see, I’ve been telling myself a story for so long that I think it’s just become the story and I don’t think it is the right story to focus on anymore.

Hi, my name is Heather. I come from a small town in Alaska, an hour north of Anchorage. I was homeschooled, I am the 3rd of 6 children, 4 girls and two boys. No, my family is not catholic, mormon, we did not have a working farm or any agricultural purposes for so many children, and no we did not belong to a cult. There’s just a lot of us. I moved to Bellingham for university (that’s where my sisters went to school, too) and then from there on to NYC. I moved without knowing really anyone, just me and three suitcases on a highschool friend’s futon in her studio. After a year I moved to Los Angeles and joined AmeriCorps so that I could be near my grandma after my grandpa passed away. I was in LA for 5 years before moving to San Diego. My boyfriend and I were tired of long distance and I was ready to move on from a life in traffic. I went from non-profit to financial marketing, due to the job market being difficult and realizing I should branch out. What do I actually want? To travel the world and work remotely. Basically, every millennial’s ideal situation. I want to sell coconut oil and granola out of a VW camper van (that i obviously would convert myself.) I want to be a social entrepreneur, because I want to do good in the world, create impact, and still make money.

Not a bad story…but yaaaawwwnnnn. I can tell that story in a heartbeat and bore myself and everyone else around me.

Why do I care? Because our stories are who we bring into the world. Our story is the one that we tell ourselves in the mirror, in bed, our dreams, our goals are shaped for the people we want to become and the based on the people we believe ourselves to be. I want to grow and become someone better than I am today and yet, my story hasn’t changed in a decade. My new story is one full of the travels and adventures that I have experienced. I have traveled to Ghana, Israel, Turkey, Thailand, England, Italy, Mexico, Canada.

I have competed on the Food Network (FTFO – season 1, episode 8 – you’re welcome.)


I was stuck in Charles de Gaulle airport for 4 days.
I have horribly embarrassed myself in front of Sean Penn.
I have taken a selfie with Jon Hamm (yeah, i know he isn’t looking into this phone… but he is holding a phone and taking a selfie, this one my friend took. I swear I did not sneak up on him.)

I have performed street theater with some of Broadway’s’ best including Kathy Chalfant and Wallace Shawn.
I am a Certified Life Coach.
I have run my own baking business.
And those are just the ones off the top of my head in 10 seconds!

My life has been, and will continue to be, so much more than a biography of where I was born and where I have lived.

My point is that so is yours. The next time you are out and someone asks you to talk about yourself, try something different. Share the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you rather than your life resume.

What’s your hidden talent (mine is putting)


You may be surprised at the different types of conversations and connections that come about when think about your life from a different perspective. It isn’t always about what you think people want to hear, rather what’s something that will help make you memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Cheers to the next re-write, and the one after that.




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