staying present

Life.. it is fleeting and sometimes it can seem like we are removed from our own life experience. Do you ever feel as though you are hovering right outside or above yourself? Watching from a different view point? Unable to communicate all that you see but feeling the depth and magnitude of each decision that you have made?

I am going to ask you to trust me as I walk through a little exercise. It is quick and simple. It may bring up emotions so prepare yourself and be opened and receptive to whatever those are, positive or negative. Allow yourself to be present and feel what you feel, when you feel it without holding on to expectations. Okay? Here we go…

Face yourself in a mirror, close your eyes. Take a deep breath in counting to 7 slowly. Quiet all the internal and external noises. Exhale counting to 7 again. Open your eyes and make eye contact with your reflection. Stay with yourself for at least 10 seconds. Now, ask yourself …..

Am I staying present? Am I in touch with my true self?
What do I deeply desire to feel each day?
Am I spending my days happy and joyful surrounded by people who love and uplift me?
Am I doing things I care about?
Am I holding back in fearWHY? What would it take for me to move forward with courage?
Am I daring to dream and be bold in what I believe is possible for myself?
Can I dream bigger?
Will I stop waiting for the right time and just go for it?
Will I show up for myself and be the truest best cheerleader for ME?
Will I believe in myself more than anyone else?

We have a vast, yet fleeting, finite life… someday we will all be lying in those last seconds, looking back and reflecting on all the moments we had. Will you love yourself more fiercely and honestly than anyone ever could and more than you will ever love anyone else? Can you say that you do now? There are too many wasted seconds and we have no way to cash in on them. There is no time-bank. As they tick by, they are gone like dew drying in the morning sun.

So, what is the point of my letter to you? The core takeaway is this…
It isn’t about what if, should I, maybe when… It isn’t about I still need, I am not ready. It is about now. These real life moments, where you stop and take stock of how you feel right now, who you are right now, what do you desire right now, what is important right now.

This is the only moment you have. Take advantage of it and courageously step outside of your comfort zone, be fearlessly here now; tomorrow is a promise but not a guarantee. What will you do to live your fullest life now instead of waiting on something or someone? How will you continue staying present in each moment?

Go live out your dreams and live them loudly, daringly, bravely, beautifully… right now.


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