Love Your Weird

Hi, my name is Heather, and I love Country music. I’ve loved it since I first heard @leannrimes Blue at the Alaska State Fair when I was a little girl. I was convinced I’d be the next country star and desperately wanted to perform on Star Search (who remembers that show?!)

Well, turns out I did not turn out to be a country star (oh! but did I practice recording cassettes back in the day!) but I sure am a country singer in my car. For the longest time, I was given so much flack for being a country fan that I eventually just kept it to myself. As I am on this journey to reconnect to my core truth as a person and rediscover what truly makes me happy, it is time for me to reclaim the love and joy that country music brings to me!

I didn’t realize I was still a closet country music fan until my friend of 9 years heard I was going to the @dariusrucker concert last night and exclaimed “Wait. You like Country music?! Me too!”

country music
Chels and I at Darius Rucker, singin’ our little hearts out

So, I’m coming out of my proverbial country music lovin’ closet and shouting it from the Instagram rooftops… #ilovecountrymusic ya’ll.

That’s just part of who I am.
Love all yourself.
Every single piece of your weird.

Also, 10-year-old Heather is PSYCHED to see @leannrimes in two weeks (20+year reunion in the making… who can get me backstage passes, eh? EH?!)

Love ya weirdos. Keep being you.



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